We're glad you've come this far in the journey.
Now we'll fill you in with all the juicy details.

We're excited to hear your story and join your journey!

The Stuff You're Looking For

The price is $501 per month
paid on the first of each month, for that month.(Like rent, but more fulfilling)

We meet once per week for exactly one hour.
We pack a lot into it, but we end on time.

You'll need to commit to spending an additional
1 - 3 hours per week on education, facebook
discussions, meeting prep, and reflection.

That's a 3 - 5 hour time commitment per week,
and a 12 month commitment to join.
Can you dig it?

We gather together once per year in one geographic
space on the planet for an extravaganza of
food and entertainment.

If there's a holiday or world event that obstructs our
meeting day, we reschedule for another day that week.

Let's go ahead and start with the investment,
SHALL WE? (No reason to beat around the bush)

Yes, this collective is open to all genders, races, creeds, and otherwise.
All kind and caring humans are welcome.

We meet on Zoom. We ask that everyone do their level best
to use a decent camera and mic so we can keep
the focus on the discussion, rather than the tech.

We like to leave room for surprises. If something
extraordinary pops up, we'll employ the ole
"carpe diem" tactics and make it happen.

We have a Zoom link that we'll send to you with
your welcome kit. (Yes, there's a welcome kit and it's actually cool)

We have a private Facebook Group where
everyone can connect and discuss.

We refer to the members of our collective as
VOYAGERS. (because it's cool)



$501 per month

1 hour per week | zoom call

1-3 hours per week | focusing on prep for weekly calls as well as consciencsly applying learnings from the voyager mastermind group

1 gathering per year

facebook group discussions | to be vulnerable to learn more, be authentic and build your lifebrand.

group details

Rather than letting our group get so big that we lose a little magic, we cap each group at 33 VOYAGERS and create a new group. This protects the culture of each group.

This size of a group allows for deep relationships, lots of diversity, and robust conversations. Jaime and Jared foster an environment where everyone is welcome to engage, share, and inspire one another.

Each of the 33 members is carefully selected from a rolling list of applicants. Our individual and collective successes are inextricably linked to the vitality of our culture and community.

Suffice it to say, we work diligently to cultivate groups that will inspire us to thrive.


Oh, and this is also cool...

According to ancient Chinese Numerology, the number 33 is regarded as a Master Number, along with 11 and 22. It’s the mover and shaker of the Master numbers, earning it the nickname "Master Teacher".

With 11 and 22 combined in this Master number, intuition and dreams have the potential to reach an entirely new orbit.

And that is perfectly in line with how we want this group to flow.

Hey, whether it’s your thing or not, it certainly seems like a lot of relevant descriptors for this group, so why not?

Please educate yourself on the Enneagram,
if you’re not already aware. If you’re a good fit for our collective, we’ll ask you to take the Enneagram and send us the report. It’s super cool, and we find it to be quite accurate and very telling. It’s also pretty quick and easy.


  • 1

    Click on the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of the page and complete the APPLICATION FORM.

  • 2

    You will receive a confirmation and a link to book a 15-Minute interview with Jaime & Sima.

  • 3

    We will review your application, discuss your interview, and make a decision. You will receive an email letting you know if you've been selected as a VOYAGER.

  • 4

    If selected, you will receive an email with your login information for the VOYAGER Member Login site. There, you will see your Welcome Kit and all the other details you need, including our Member Directory.

  • 5

    After that, just show up at your first meeting and LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

join us

If this all sounds like what you're looking for,

let's get on with it!

This is where it all begins.


We'll see you on the other side.